Frequently Asked Questions

What is your delivery/production timeframe?

On average, the expected timeframe is 8 weeks.   It can be a little longer and sometimes shorter depending on the time of year, as we tend to be busier in the summer than in the beginning of the year or end of the year.   We strive to get each order completed in a timely manner and delivered to you on time.   The current timeframe of production may vary slightly depending on a number of other factors.  Shipping your bed to you can happen sooner, if you choose to have us ship it. 

Do you follow CPA guidelines and rules as well as any local laws pertaining to the safety of bunk beds?

Yes, we do.   We have been making bunkbeds for over 15 years and have kept up to date with rules and guidelines that many other bunkbed manufacturers tend to ignore.  This is why we insist on not duplicating "Built-In" bunkbeds as they tend to violate a lot of these rules and laws. 

How long does the setup take?

Setup takes about 3-5 hours per bunkbed.   You don't have to be at the location unless you want to.   Most deliveries happen when homeowners are not there, due to the fact that we mainly sell to people who have vacation homes.   In such times, we can FaceTime to make sure we set it up the way you want.  

What kind of wood should I choose?

We prefer to only use non-manufactured lumber.   This is lumber we choose by hand and process to ensure that we are providing you quality kiln-dried lumber that is strong, straight and durable.   We prefer Douglas Fir as it's not tempermental and is easy to work with and takes stain great.  Our bunkbeds are assembled with decorative hardware that is rated for over 1000 lbs each lagscrew.

What kind of headroom should I expect?

This depends greatly on the ceiling height and mattress thickness.  For example, if your ceiling height is 96" and your mattresses are 8" thick, you will have a total of 72" of headroom to divide however you'd like between the two beds. Most of our bunkbeds use frame pieces that, together, provide 4" of wood structure underneath each mattress.  The mathematical equation that we use to calculate headroom is this: (Ceiling height in inches) - (Combined mattress thickness) - (4" for each frame/level) = Combined headroom allowance

Do your beds come with mattresses?

No, they don't, but we sell mattresses and can bring them with us so you don't have to worry about it. 

What is your return policy?

We will refund you at anytime, even though your order may be custom, right up until we begin installation, at which time we only refund half of the total amount due to the fact that we can no longer use or even try to sell the bunk bed you ordered.   Most other custom bunk bed companies never refund the deposit, but we will right up until we begin installing your bunkbed at your home!  Even after we have driven across the country with your order.  We want you to be happy and we guarantee our product.  If you are not satisfied with our product after it's been delivered, we will remake it and re-deliver the new one to you, but if you want a full refund we will only refund up to half of the bunk bed in accordance with state law.

How do you handle payments?

We require atleast a deposit of 50% to begin your order and the remainder due when your bunkbed is complete and prior to your order leaving our shop.  Once we arrive, you will have the option to request a full refund, if you choose or don't think the pre-assembled bunkbed is what you ordered, but once we begin setting up the bunkbed, we will only refund up to half.  You will be able to keep the bunkbed at this point.

We have delivered our Custom Bunk Beds to every state!

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